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The Pagan WebCrafters' Association is a loose knit federation of individuals, from many religious paths and walks of life, banding together to help those who need help in the Craft of HTML Authoring. Our goal is to provide a forum for sharing information within and across all of the Web disciplines. By doing so, we hope to increase our members' depth and breadth of knowledge in this Wise Craft.

What does that mean?

This is a place for those people interested in the authoring of web pages to gather together and share insight, knowledge, and experience with each other in a non-competitive and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

We seek to, as a group, make an impact on the pagan web by cooperative sharing and volunteer efforts, as well as to provide a place that people can go and learn about the web in a relaxed and totally pagan place.

All that are willing to share and learn are welcome to join, and we hope that by acting as a gathering point for folks who wish to learn we can have an impact on the online international pagan community as a whole.