If you believe in the saying called, “killing two birds with one stone” then you definitely going to like my today’s post. I am going to tell the incident that happened last weekend. It all started when I had a fight at the office with one of my colleague who used to be my friend earlier, so I was in little stress and whenever I take too much stress I couldn’t sleep at all. So I was having way too much trouble in getting asleep so I tried the alternatives, took so much drink and all but nothing was working at all.

Ultimately I took out my new iPad and start looking for a new trending slot game and luckily I found one with the free spin feature as well. There I didn’t waste a second and started looking for some more reviews, tricks and tips tutorial to play & win, although I didn’t find anything extraordinary but I think all the hard work didn’t go in vain. I called one of my other associate and asked him to send me some real videos of the play. And I took the liberty to watch them first and then think of putting some investment in to it.

After making the outline that how I am going to approach I finally made my mind to go out for the real money play after getting familiar with the pay table and the payout system. That exactly how I planned to set it up. So later I brought some credits in order to win big with my PayPal account and you won’t believe that was the luckiest night I ever spent playing pokies I hit the jackpot around 5 times then and made good money. Apart from the finances, I also killed the insomnia pretty well. That’s what I meant when I said that saying earlier in the post and I would love to play this amazing slot if I got the insomnia attack again in upcoming days.